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ATA is a leading manufacturer of precision engineering products for companies requiring a comprehensive range of material removal and finishing solutions.

ATA operates in all major global markets, in over 90 countries and with a network of over 3,000 distributors.

ATA is the only precision engineering company in the world to provide both tools and consumables for a variety of deburring, material removal and finishing needs – across any material and any application.

ATA designs and manufactures the most comprehensive and advanced range of tungsten carbide burs, pneumatic tools and abrasives – both bespoke and standard. For over 50 years ATA has advised and served customers operating in all major industry sectors including aerospace, automotive, oil and gas markets, shipbuilding and metal fabrication.

ATA’s extensive range of high-quality products, the level of knowledge, the expertise and the flexibility of their approach combined with their structure allows them to design a completely bespoke solution for customers – all under one roof.

Industries Served by ATA



Oil and Gas


Die and Mould

Metal Fabrication

ATA Tungsten Carbide Burs

Established in 1963, ATA is the leading global carbide bur manufacturer. ATA Tungsten Carbide Burs are renowned for their consistent high quality and resistance to heat and wear, being tested daily at high speeds on the world’s toughest materials. Their range includes solutions for grinding and deburring on a wide range of materials including steel, aluminium, cast iron, fibreglass, composites and plastic.

ATA Tungsten Carbide Burs are the most widely used burs in the world. With more than 1100 different types of high-quality tungsten carbide burs available,ATA can offer the best solution to resolve the challenges faced by professional metal workers every day.

ATA Bur configurations and specifications will suit every ferrous and non-ferrous application, ensuring efficient stock removal and optimum surface finish.

Explore some of the range available below:


ATA’s innovative new NEXT GENERATION 6 bur, is the solution to speed up manufacturing processes in industry applications where rapid stock removal is required. Combined with the unique ACCELERATOR coating, stock removal is up to double that of leading premium quality burs serving this market.

New Geometry Burs

This exclusive range of multi-application burs will cover almost all your general metal removal work.

Bur Sets

ATA sets offer a selection of most commonly used burs suitable for demonstrations, displays, samples or promotions.

Universal Range

Universal cut geometry's designed for general purpose, providing rapid stock removal on steel, copper, cast iron and nickel alloys.

Base Metal Range

The Base Metal Bur range is designed specifically for general deburring applications on metals less than 250 HB (Hardness Brinell).

Steel Range

The Steel range provides a more aggressive stock removal thanks to its unique cutting geometry, specifically designed to increase metal removal on steel components.

ATA Routers

Innovative cutting geometries – best for roughing and contouring materials.

ATA Routers range consists of four specific cut styles. This versatile range can be used with hand-held tools as well as CNC Machines. They are ideal for roughing and contouring composite materials from large fibreglass panels to small parts made of composite.

Explore some of the range below or contact us for more information.

FGR No End Cut

ATA Fibreglass Router

Cut Style Bur End

Cut Style End Mill End

Cut Style Drill End

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Bur Sets

Base Metal Bur


Universal Range

Standard Cut

Double Cut

Aluminium Cut

Coated Aluminium Option

New Geometry Burs

Combi Bur Line

Corner Radius Bur Line
Radius Bur Line

ATA Routers

ATA Fibreglass Router
Cut Style Bur End
Cut Style End Mill End
Cut Style Drill End


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