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Auxivo AG is a leading developer and manufacturer of exoskeletons, founded in 2019 as an ETH Zurich spin-off. The company’s mission is to enhance worker safety and well-being by providing innovative and accessible solutions that reduce physical workload and the risk of injury.

Auxivo AG’s team of experts includes engineers, designers, and researchers with a wealth of experience in wearable exoskeleton development and biomechanics. By leveraging this expertise and combining cutting-edge technology with a commitment to research and innovation, the company ensures that its products meet the highest standards, ultimately enhancing worker well-being.

At Auxivo, the company focuses on the development of wearable exoskeletons to support industry workers. To ensure that the right solutions are developed, Auxivo collaborates with leading industry partners and maintains permanent contact and exchange with future users. By combining rapid prototyping technologies with biomechanical analyses in their lab, Auxivo ensures that the products developed provide the necessary support and are suitable for everyday use in an industrial setting.

Featured Products

Auxivo develops wearable exoskeletons that support workers executing physically demanding tasks. Auxivo exoskeleton products reduce workload, exhaustion and fatigue to ensure the workers’ long-term wellbeing.



Product Information

The LiftSuit is a lightweight (< 0.9kg), textile exoskeleton that supports back and hip muscles when lifting objects from below hip level, or when working in a forward-leaning position. It is designed to reduce workload, muscle fatigue and exhaustion.

Your Benefits​

The LiftSuit is a uniquely versatile support system that provides support for its users’ back- and hip muscles anytime and anywhere they need it. As a wearable exoskeleton that is worn like clothes, it can be used in many situations where traditional means, such as cranes or conveyor belts cannot be deployed, e.g. inside airplane holds or buildings.

What kind of work is supported?

Lifting Objects​
While lifting from below hip-level, the integrated elastic elements store energy when users bend forward, and releases the energy when she/he starts lifting the object. Therefore, the user gets additional energy that can relieve the back and hip muscles. Additionally, the elastic elements foster a proper lifting posture. The LiftSuit does not only support normal lifting, it also supports lifting and handling objects while working on the knees.

Forward-Leaning Posture
Working for hours in a forward-leaning posture even without any additional weight can strain your back muscles as they carry your upper body weight. Thus, the LiftSuit also supports such posture whereas the elastic elements store the required energy allowing users to rely on the LiftSuit to support them, both when standing or kneeling.

How it Works

The LiftSuit acts like a set of additional, external muscles to unload the back and hip muscles while lifting as well as working in a forward leaning position. Integrated, specially developed textile springs store energy which is then used to support the user. The solution offers an easy-to-use, small and lightweight support system that users can wear without being constrained. Users can activate, deactivate and adjust the support manually on demand.

Average muscle activity

​Average muscle activity reduction of eight subjects‘ back muscles when lifting 6 kg from the ground and putting it back down. The red line is the average muscle activity without the LiftSuit, the blue line with LiftSuit support.

The considerable reduction in muscle activity shows the support provided by the LiftSuit.



Level of support provided

We quantified the level of load reduction through a series of experiments in our biomechanical laboratory. The results show that using the LiftSuit significantly reduces the load on the back and hip muscles when lifting objects or remaining in a forward-leaning posture.

Muscle load reduction


The LiftSuit is being used today in many applications where lifting or working in a forward-leaning position is conducted regularly. Several examples are shown in the picture below.

A Unique Multitask Exoskeleton for Versatile Support

A fully integrated exoskeleton that intuitively adapts to the individual needs of its users, providing unparalleled versatility for multitasking activities. Designed to deliver a unique level of versatility, the OmniSuit provides a combined shoulder and back support solution for dynamic work activities, including overhead and lifting tasks.

Focused on ergonomics and human-centered engineering, the OmniSuit seamlessly covers the entire vertical range of motion without compromising performance. Versatile, lightweight, and high-performance, the OmniSuit defines a new dimension of multitask exoskeletons, offering individualized solutions tailored for a wide range of work environments.


Emphasizing simplicity, ergonomics and usability
With its hybrid exoskeleton frame, the OmniSuit combines rigid and soft components seamlessly to create a highly ergonomic and versatile support system. The proven split vest allows for unconstrained spine movements while maximizing breathability, and dynamic misalignment compensation for a maximized freedom of movement experience. The meticulously crafted mechanical components seamlessly integrate into the hybrid frame, aligning with the natural contours of the human body. Balanced and streamlined to the essentials, the OmniSuit design incorporates a wide range of Auxivo signature features including user-centric ergonomics and usability.


The ergonomic design naturally aligns with the human body, allowing unstrained movement over a large vertical range of motion. Advanced integration of mechanical and textile components ensures the upper and lower extremities are optimally supported.



Energy recuperation and a lightweight frame for maximum efficiency.
Robust support and high energy efficiency through cutting-edge technology and materials, all within a compact, lightweight exoskeleton with multitask capabilities. As a fully integrated multitask exoskeleton, the OmniSuit is engineered to maximize anatomical compatibility and energy efficiency while minimizing weight and size.

Advanced materials such as aerospace-grade aluminum, polymers, and technical textiles contribute to a lightweight and low-profile exoskeleton. At 2.7 kg (size M), the OmniSuit achieves a new level of agility, ensuring effortless everyday use. The multiple support system consists of two Elastic Energy Storage (EES) units that utilize gravity compensation and energy recuperation for the back and shoulders. Responsive at all times and always ready to use, the fully integrated construction provides a lightweight and highly energy-efficient exoskeleton.


The telescopic mechanism in the arm ensures a seamless fit between exoskeleton and user, optimizing ergonomics and usability. The back support can be gradually tuned to a variety of tasks, while the need for shoulder support is covered through two support levels.



Versatility without compromise.
Experience a new level of versatile performance that seamlessly adapts to your dynamic work activities without compromise.

The OmniSuit is the first fully integrated exoskeleton to offer multitask support for overhead and lifting work. It can support both activities seamlessly without compromising on performance.

​As a combined back and shoulder exoskeleton, no one needs to choose between lifting and overhead support anymore when the work actually requires both. With its highly integrated design, the OmniSuit assists users in handling loads all the way from floor level to the highest shelf.

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OmniSuit Performance Sheet

LiftSuit Performance Sheet


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