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Brush Research is a privately owned company located in Los Angeles, California. They have been in the business of solving difficult finishing problems with brushing technology since 1958.

BRM was one of the first companies to advocate the critical need for finer surface finishes to optimize performance. Concepts such as plateau finishing were pioneered by the founder, Steve Rands, and are now commonplace goals across many industries.

The Flex-Hone® tool is the premium standard that all surface finishing tools are compared against. No other tool can as easily, quickly, and affordably create the microstructure finish necessary for maximum performance and life of your products. All of the tools manufactured by BRM are still made in the U.S.A. BRM has over 150 employees in Los Angeles, and provide product for hundreds of distributors across the country. BRM Flex-Hone® and industrial brushes are exported to over 50 countries around the world. Brush Research believes in creating the best. That goes for the products and services. As Steve Rands said, “Nothing improves until someone stops and questions an accepted assumption.”

Industries and Application

Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) provides Flex-Hone® tools and industrial abrasive brushes to various industries such as Aerospace, Aluminum Extrusion, Automotive, Brass Instruments, Earth Moving Equipment, Fluid Power, General Industry, Hydraulics, Marine, Military / Defense, Oil and Gas

Aerospace / Aircraft

Flex-Hone® tools and industrial abrasive brushes to aerospace companies, aircraft manufacturers, jet engine builders, and aviation MROs.


Flex-Hone® tools and industrial brushes to auto parts manufacturers, engine rebuilders, diesel mechanics, car and kart racers, hobbyists, and automotive restoration specialists.

Oil and Gas

Flex-Hone® tools and industrial abrasive brushes oil and gas industry for cleaning and servicing pipes, pumps, valves, hydraulic cylinders, and diesel engines.

The Flex-Hone Tool

The Flex-Hone® tool is a perfect solution for many of your finishing, deburring and edge-bending needs. Available in a variety of sizes and abrasive types, our tools provide a superior surface finish on any base material. Our Flex-Hone tools are unlike any other abrasive finishing tool because it produces an unmatched controlled surface condition. Browse our selection below to find the appropriate Flex-Hone tool for your application.

Standard Small Diameter Flex-Hone

Standard and Heavy Duty Flex-Hone

Super Heavy Duty Large Diameter Flex-Hone

The Flex-Hone for Rotors

Diamond Flex-Hone

Flex-Hone for Chamfer Blending

Flex-Hone Tools for Firearms

Flex-Hone Kits & Accessories

NamPower™ High-Performance Abrasive Brushes

NamPower™ brush tools from Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) are your complete choice for deburring, surface finishing, parts cleaning, and edge radiusing.

NamPower™ products are effective, reliable brushing tools that deliver a total finishing solution to a range of industries and applications. These high-performance professional grade brushes are made of the highest-quality materials and are ideal for manual and automated finishing machinery. For a complete deburring and finishing solution, choose NamPower™ abrasive disc brushes, composite wheels, or hex drive brushes.

Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), makers of the Flex-Hone® and pioneers of plateau finishing, recommends NamPower™ brush products for extrusion, fine blanking, appliance manufacturing, and automotive parts.

How To Automate Deburring & Finishing- Nampower Abrasive Disc Brushes

Abrasive Nylon Brushes

When you need abrasive nylon brushes, count on Brush Research Manufacturing to supply you with the best. Our selection of abrasive brushes includes abrasive nylon cup brushes, solid end, twisted in wire and wheel brushes. These brushes are best suited for cleaning, deburring, polishing and surface finishing applications. We also offer abrasive pads and discs, which are tear resistant and can be used with most solvents. Place an order today to see for yourself how our abrasive nylon brushes can help you.

Abrasive Nylon Wheel Brushes

Abrasive Nylon Twisted-In-Wire Brushes

Abrasive Nylon Solid End Brushes

Abrasive Nylon Cup Brushes

Abrasive Pads & Discs

Diamond Flex-Hone Technology for Finishing Hard Materials

Diamond Flex-Hone tools from Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) are designed for deburring, edge blending, and surfacing finishing hard materials such as aerospace alloys, carbide and hardened tool steel.

Diamond Flex-Hone® technology is precision-engineered for rapid cut-rates, excellent heat dissipation, and optimal finish. Made with resin-bonded diamond crystals, this flexible honing tool is self-sharpening with a nickel-coated abrasive for excellent crystal retention and heat dissipation. Designed for use with any type of cylinder in standard sizes from 4-mm to 1-1/2″. The Diamond Flex-Hone® is available in three different mesh sizes.

Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), makers of industrial brushes and honing tools and pioneers of plateau finishing, designed the Diamond Flex-Hone® for finishing hard materials. Use the Diamond Flex-Hone® with base materials such as heat treated steel, high nickel stainless steels, MMX aluminum alloys, titanium, space age alloys and chromed and plated metals. This flexible finishing tool from Brush Research can also be used for finishing carbide and ceramic materials.

How To Use a Flex-Hone Tool

Diesel and Automotive Brushes

Our automotive brushes are designed for cleaning and rebuilding for Cummins Group, Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar and more. The high quality wire brushes come in a variety of sizes and materials to ensure that your needs are met.

Cummins Group Automotive Brushes

Detroit Diesel Overhaul Automotive Brushes

Caterpillar Overhaul Automotive Brushes

General Diesel Tools

Valve Guide Brushes

Oil Line and Gallery Brushes

Display Brushes

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BRM Nampower Resource Guide

BRM Industrial Brush Catalogue


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