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KYOCERA 2022-2023 General Catalogue for Turning



New CVD Coated Carbide Grade for Steel


PVD Coated Carbide Grade for HRSA and Stainless Steel

JCTM Series

Direct from Turret Coolant-Through Holders

New JCT lineup of jet coolant-through Swiss turning, external grooving, and cut-off holders with direct from turret coolant-thru capabilities. Extend your tool life and maintain excellent chip control with high pressure coolant.



Coolant-Through Holders

Large lineup of jet coolant-through turning, external grooving, cut-off, and threading holders with easy connections to high pressure coolant hoses and joints. Extend your tool life and maintain excellent chip control with high pressure coolant.


ZBMT Series

25° Profiling Tools

Large lineup of toolholders from external turning and boring bars that support a wide range of applications, including copying, undercutting, tapering, V slotting, etc. Improved dimensional accuracy with unique clamp structure and firm insert clamping results in high precision and stable machining


Y-axis Toolholders

for Small Part Machining Applications

Gain exceptional chip control using Kyocera's new Y-axis toolholder designs for small part applications. Includes KTKF and SDJC styls for back turning, cut-off, threading, and external turning.


Aluminum Alloy Machining Solutions

for Small Part Applications

Improve productivity with aluminum small part machining. New molded PCD chipbreaker designs are available for external turning, grooving, and traversing applications.


Small Parts Tooling Solutions

New Innovations for Small Parts Machining

Check out Kyocera's large selection of small part turning, cut-off, grooving, boring, and drilling solutions. Includes the latest tooling products for small part machining applications.


PR1725 / PR1705

PVD Coating for Small Parts Machining

PR17-Series uses Kyocera's newly developed MEGACOAT NANO PLUS technology which provides excellent wear resistance for longer tool life and a high-quality surface finish in steel and stainless applications.



CVD Coated Cermet for Finishing

The newly developed CCX CVD cermet grade increases productivity with high-speed machining applications and provides excellent wear resistance for low carbon steel, general steel, and cast iron.



Grades for Steel Machining

Cermet for high quality surface finish machining with excellent wear and fracture resistance to improve tool life. Featuring PV710 (high-speed), PV720 (general purpose) and Kyocera's toughest cermet yet, PV730 (high-stability). Uncoated TN610 and TN620 types also available.


H Chipbreaker Series (CBN)

CBN Inserts for Machining Hardened Materials

New economical double-sided, multi-edge CBN inserts with H-series chipbreakers for machining hardened material with excellent chip control. Designed with molded chipbreaker styles, these CBN inserts can tackle a wide range of machining applications.


AP Chipbreaker

Positive Chipbreaker for Aluminum Finishing

Improved chip control during aluminum finishing applications. Combines a sharp cutting edge with a DLC coating prevents burr formation.


PF Chipbreaker

for Micro Boring

Excellent chip control and low cutting force design works well in a wide range of cutting conditions. Anti-welding properties improve surface finish. Minimum bore diameters from 5mm.


KS6015 / KS6050 / CS7050

Silicon Nitride Ceramic for Cast Iron

New KS6015 ceramic grades available for wear resistant machining. Use KS6050 for general purpose and interrupted cuts, and CS7050 for high-speed turning.


P Chipbreaker

Ground Chipbreaker for Boring

This new chipbreaker style maintains stable chip evacuation towards the outside of the workpiece by controlling the direction of the chips better than conventional ground chipbreakers. Combine these inserts with Kyocera's Dynamic Bars for the best results.



Polygon Taper Shank Holders

Polygon taper shank turning, grooving, cut-off, and threading holders available for high precision and fast interchange. Designed with dual contact between the taper and the flange face for higher rigidity.



Next Generation CVD for Steel Turning

Maximize steel cutting performance with the ultra-durable new CVD insert grade. Insert grade CA025P maintains exceptional tool life and resists fracturing, general wear, and adhesion. Now including positive inserts.


PR005S / PR015S

High-Speed Turning of Heat-Resistant Alloy

Stable and consistent high-speed performance while machining heat-resistant alloy with improved wear resistance. New SQ chipbreaker for finishing-medium and SX and SG for maximum roughing efficiency.



MEGACOAT NANO Turning Insert Grade

Tough grade for heat-resistant alloy, titanium alloy, and stainless steel. Reduced sudden fracturing during scale removal and interrupted machining. New SG chibreaker for general roughing applications.


WE / WF Chipbreakers

Negative Wiper Inserts for Steel Machining

Increased productivity with newly designed wiper edge geometries. WE for improved machining efficiency during finishing-medium and WF for excellent surface roughness during finishing.



New CVD Coated Carbides for Cast Iron

Reliable and efficient cast iron turning grades with 3 grades and 3 chipbreakers to cover various turning applications with long tool life and stable machining.



CVD Coated Carbide Grade for Steel

CA510 for high speed and long tool life. CA515 for continuous to light interrupted machining CA525 for general use CA530 for heavy interrupted and high feed rate machining


PDL010 / PDL025

DLC Coating for Aluminum

DLC coating for long tool life and hardness close to that of diamond maintains excellent surface finish with aluminum welding resistance. New PDL010 inserts for finishing now available!


LD Chipbreaker

Small Parts Machining and Large Depths of Cut

High precision machining in a single pass with a max. depth of cut of 0.0472" (12mm). Low-resistance chipbreaker for smooth machining with stable chip control in a wide range of machining applications.


VC Chipbreaker

for Copying and Contouring

High productivity machining various shapes and contours with excellent chip control in a wide range of machining applications.


Molded Sharp Edge Chipbreaker

Series for Small Parts Machining

Large lineup of positive and negative sharp edge inserts available with periphery grinding and sharp edge specs to solve common chip control problems.



Back Turning with Molded Chipbreaker

Good chip evacuation and excellent surface finish with molded chipbreaker to reduce cycle time by increasing depth of cut capabilities.


Stainless Steel & HRSA

Carbide Turning Solutions

Specialized turning solutions for stainless steel and heat-resistant alloy applications with turning grades PR1535, PR13-series, PR1225, PR1125, and CA65-series.


WP Chipbreaker

Positive Wiper Inserts

Increase productivity with the newly designed wiper edge geometry. Excellent surface roughness and smooth chip control during high feed machining. Gain high quality surface finishes every time with no galling.


KBN05M Double-sided Multi-edge Inserts

MEGACOAT CBN for Hardened Steel

New economical double-sided multi-edge CBN inserts. With a wide range of applications for hardened steel cutting, the KBN05M uses new technology to achieve superior wear and fracture resistance.


KXW1 / KS6040

Whisker-Reinforced & SiAlON Ceramic Grades for HRSA

New grade KXW1 whisker-reinforced ceramic for plunging and semi-finish work. First choice for plunging operations and can be used at higher cutting speeds and lower feed rates than SiAlON (KS6040)


KS6030 / KS6040

SiAlON Ceramic for Heat Resistant Alloy

New grade KS6030 perfect for semi-finishing and profiling at medium to high cutting speeds and grade KS6040 great for scaling and roughing. Both grades have been designed for superior wear and fracture resistance with high chemical stability.


PR1425 / PR1225

Series for Small Tools

New MEGACOAT Nano PR1425 series for steel cutting with high cutting speed and long tool life. MEGACOAT PR1225 series for stainless steel cutting.



MEGACOAT CBN for Hardened Steel KBN05M

With a wide range of applications for hardened steel cutting, the KBN05M uses new technology to achieve superior wear and fracture resistance.


PP & PQ Chipbreakers

Finishing to Mid-Range

Introducing the brand new PP and PQ Smart Chipbreakers for finishing to mid-range machining with higher feed capability. The Innovative new design covers a wide range of cutting applications with smooth cutting edges for substantially reduced cutting forces.


CA4505 / CA4515

CVD Coated Carbide for Cast Iron

New CVD coated carbide grades for gray and nodular cast iron. The improved coating adhesion of the new Bright Black coating technology results in longer and more consistent tool life.


CA5505 / CA5515 / CA5525 / CA5535

CVD Coated Carbide for Steel

CVD coated carbide grades for steel. The new bright gold coating technology prevents chip adhesion, sudden fracture and reduces cutting forces. The crack-free coating technology provides higher productivity.


CA6515 / CA6525 / PR1125

Coated Carbide for Stainless Steel

CVD and PVD coated carbide grades for stainless steel. Advantages include minimized notching, burr prevention and reduced edge build-up and adhesion.


PR13-Series & SW05

For Heat Resistant Alloys

Attack aerospace applications with the new MEGACOAT PVD Coated Carbide PR13-Series and Uncoated Carbide SW05 grades for heat-resistant alloys.



For Roughing to Finishing

Used in a wide variety of roughing to finishing turning applications, Kyocera's new MEGACOAT Cermet Grades provide superior performance at a stable price.



Ring Groovers

Kyocera’s long tradition of cutting edge ceramic technology continues with the new MEGACOAT PT600M grade. Also featured in our new Ceramics brochure are traditional ceramic grades A65, A66N, KS6000, and cell fiber ceramic grade CF1.



Toolholder Series

Kyocera's new Double-Clamp Toolholders securely clamp the inserts with a single action providing increased clamping rigidity, improved machining stability, and greater insert life.


Dynamic Bar

Boring Applications

Kyocera's new Dynamic Bar boring bar has an AeroDynamic design for improved chip evacuation, reduced chattering, and stable machining.