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Japan’s machine-tool industry is one of the best in the world. For 27 years, since 1982, it has been No.1 in market share, and it should maintain this position into the future.

MST Corporation is the first Tool-Holder manufacturer in Japan, having been founded in 1937. Their services and products include tooling systems for Machining center and Turning mill, Jig, Measurement tools, Maintenance tools, Wire EDM fixture and tools.

MST Corporation‘s original, unique products have earned a reputation as having “the best technology and quality in the industry”, and the products are greatly appreciated by customers worldwide.

Featured Products

Shrink-fit holder SLIMLINE - 2 Piece Type

Shrink-fit holder SLIMLINE - Mono 3

Shrink-fit holder SLIMLINE - Mono Curve

The work clamping system that is ideal for 5-axis machining.
▶ You can machine at the corners of a workpiece thanks to excellent accessibility without interference!
▶ Off-line preparation and quick-changes! Increased productivity!
▶ Strong gripping with  minimum clamping area!

These holders and work clamps were developed with the goal of using them together to improve your 5-axis machining productivity.

Shrink-fit holder SLIMLINE - Slimline Z

End-mills NEVER pull out from these holders!

SLIMLINE Z allows efficient machining of tough materials thanks to its four safety configurations. It eliminates concerns of the tool pulling out due to chattering or abrupt increases in cutting force.

▶ Tool life extended when doing heavy duty machining.
▶ Absolutely no worry of the tool slipping and pulling out, even if the tool experiences chattering.

The Z shank tool is required for SLIMLINE Z. Z Shank is easy to fabricate — the open standards make it possible for anyone to fabricate block shanks. For additional processing of Z Shanks, please contact us.

Wirecut Unit

Angle Head - Angle Head Half

Angle Head - Angle Head Half mini

New extra-compact head HALF mini version provides the rigidity and accuracy needed for drilling and tapping! Try our lightweight, affordable and quick-delivery new Angle Head HALF.

▶ Price, Delivery time and Weight half that of conventional products
▶ Disassemble and repair on your own
▶ Best for small M/C


Angle Head

Modular type

Solid type

Flange type

Universal type

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Slimline 2 Piece Type Dimension

Slimline Mono Curve Dimension

Slimline Z Dimension

Slimline Mono 3 Dimension

Wirecut Details


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