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Together with the clamping technology specialists HILMA and STARK, ROEMHELD forms a group of companies offering a comprehensive product range in the field of clamping technology for production technology. The product range is supplemented by numerous hydraulic elements for general industrial use as well as assembly and drive technology components and systems.

Thanks to the diversity of its products and long-standing experience, the ROEMHELD group is able to develop and supply customer-specific solutions across the entire company. The ROEMHELD Group has around 510 employees and an annual turnover of approximately €105 million.

Export business is becoming increasingly important in addition to its domestic customers who receive comprehensive support from 17 sales offices and sales partners in Germany. Roemheld already has an export share of around 50% today, which increases to over 65% due to indirect exports.

Subsidiaries in Great Britain, France, China, USA, Japan and South Korea as well as numerous sales partners ensure that Roemheld customers receive extensive advice, effective sales and distribution and comprehensive service worldwide.


The Right Product for Every Industry

With our more than 25,000 catalog products, ROEMHELD addresses almost all industry applications within the core markets. With a direct export share of 65%, the ROEMHELD Group is represented worldwide with its product divisions in all important major and minor industries.

Aerospace Industry

Car Manufacturers

Mechanical Engineering

Plastics Industry

Food Industry

Robotics & Automation

Vertical Machining

Machine vices and systems for vertical machining

Horizontal Machining

Machine vices and systems for horizontal machining

5-Axis Machining

Machine vices for 5-axis machining

Zero Point Clamping System


Single acting, hydraulic or pneumatic

STARK.classic.NG clamping elements are clamped with spring force and released hydraulically or pneumatically. Both hydraulic-releasing and pneumatic-releasing clamping elements are designed with zero point. A third-hand function is possible with hydraulic-releasing clamping elements. STARK.classic.NG clamping elements are also available with indexing and/or coolant outlet.

Special features of the STARK.classic.NG product family:

  • lifting: STARK.classic lifts the pallet upon release
  • simple: easy to clean
  • precise: due to cylindrical fit
  • durable: press-fitted bolts
  • versatile: clamping control, seat check, blow-out, media duct


Single acting, hydraulic

The fast closing clamps of the STARK.classic product family are zero point clamping systems with a wide range of applications. STARK.classic are used for installation in machine pallets, plates, angles, cubes, towers and swing bridges. Can be used for all common machining operations such as milling, turning, grinding, eroding as well as on test benches for assembly fixtures. The fast closing clamps made of high-quality tool steel are clamped mechanically and released hydraulically.

Special features of the STARK.classic product family:

  • lifting: STARK.classic lifts the pallet upon release
  • simple: easy to clean
  • precise: due to cylindrical fit
  • durable: press-fitted bolts
  • versatile: clamping control, mount control, blow-out, media duct


Single acting, pneumatic

The STARK.easyclick is a mechanical fast closing clamp that clicks and holds instantly without energy input. For release, it only needs an air connection with 4 – 8 bar pressure.

Special features of the STARK.easyclick product family:

  • Click: Clamping process by pushing in
  • Compact: Diameter 85 mm and only 19 mm high
  • Powerful: 5 kN clamping force – 10 kN retention force
  • Economical: released at 4 bar
  • Fast: Release time 0.1 sec

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