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KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools (KSPT) is an ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturer of industry leading round solid carbide cutting tools. KSPT is proud to have pioneered some of the world’s most advanced cutting tool technologies resulting from rigorous product, coating, and material testing within its Global Innovation Center.

It is this commitment to innovation that has launched patented products and technologies like the Z-Carb with its variable geometry and cutting edge preparation, Series 43 APR and APF ultra high performance aluminum cutting tools, and JetStream coolant technology. SGS Technical Sales Engineers, Application Specialists, and Distribution Partners blanket the globe, delivering reliable service and support to all market segments. It is these people and products that drive innovative application strategies and cutting tool technologies into the end user, continually exceeding expectations and providing the most value at the spindle.


KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools is a global leader in solid round cutting tools, thanks in part to their unrivaled portfolio of capabilities ranging from world class manufacturing centers, to vigorous research and development teams, to proprietary coatings and dependable logistics. KSPT’s dedication in bringing VALUE AT THE SPINDLE® starts with inspecting each batch of raw material, and ends with custom tooling solutions with KSPT Engineers and end users customizing tool paths, machine operation parameters, and work piece testing.

KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools is also an ISO-Certified leader in round solid carbide cutting tool technology, servicing the world’s most advanced and demanding precision industries. Brand names such as Z-Carb, S-Carb, V-Carb, Hi-PerCarb, and Multi-Carb have become synonymous with legendary performance and cost savings. Below are some of KSPT’s products.

End Mills


Micro End Mills

End Mills

Z-Carb HPR | Series Z5

High Performance Rougher
The new Z-Carb HPR Five Flute Roughing End Mills are ideal for achieving high metal removal rates (MRR) and a finish of 80 RMS or better on most materials. The specialized five flute design is engineered for increased productivity over three and four flute end mills. The variable indexing geometry allows for improved chatter suppression over symmetrical designs.

Z-Carb AP | Series Z1

Patented Variable Rake End Mills
With conventional end mills, the cutting teeth entering and exiting the material creates a natural rhythm that results in damaging harmonics. Harmonics produce a frequency that resonates through the entire tool, resulting in one of the most damaging forms of cutter wear known as chatter. Chatter degrades the quality of your finish. Until now, your only choice was to adjust your operating parameters to account for the limitations of your conventional end mill. With its patented, one of a kind geometry, the Z-Carb AP offers three stages of chatter suppression, resulting in the quietest, most stable milling experience available.

H-Carb | Series 77

7 Flute End Mill for Dynamic Milling
The new H-Carb seven-flute High Efficiency end mill specializes in deep axial trochoidal and high-speed machining applications offered at various lengths of cut. The specialized core and flute design improves rigidity and chip flow while reducing deflection. The seven-flute design allows for superior finishes at higher speed and feed rates versus 5 and 6 flute tools.

Z-Carb HTA | Series ZH1

Specialized High Performance End Mills for HTA Materials
The Z-Carb HTA features an enhanced high helix design and enhanced core to meet the demands of machining high-temperature alloys. The patented unequal helix design changes the angle at which each cutting edge enters the material, and unequal flute spacing helps disrupt the rhythmic pattern created by the cutting edge. These advancements in design eliminate harmful chatter and increase the material removal rate through increased feeds and depths of cut.

Z-Carb | Series Z1

The Original Variable Geometry End Mill
Z-Carb four-flute high performance end mills set the standard for optimal removal rates. With unparalleled efficiency and performance, these legendary tools have been upgraded with enhanced geometry.

Z-Carb MD | Series ZD

Negative Rake Z-Carb for Superior Performance in Mold and Die
The patented unequal high helix of the Z-Carb MD reduces damaging harmonics by changing the angle at which each cutting edge enters and exits the material. Combined with unequal flute spacing and a heavy core, this end mill effortlessly machines hardened steels with incredible tool life.


Performance Routers

All-Purpose Performance Routers
Our performance routers are manufactured right along side our high-performance products and undergo the same rigorous testing and quality control. We use the same machines, the same diamond grinding wheels, and the same metallurgical lab inspected raw material. Learn more about our performance routers below.

Carbon Composite Router | Series 20-CCR & 20M-CCR

High Performance Carbide Router for CFRP Materials
KSPT carbon composite routers were designed for maximum performance in CFRP materials. We partnered with a leading aerospace company to launch the original Series 20, a design focused on trimming and finishing in demanding applications requiring minimal fiber break out and delamination. HIGH PERFORMANCE ROUTER FOR HEAVY CFRP APPLICATIONS Coarse Cut Carbon Composite | Series 31-CCR and 31M-CCR The addition of the Series 31 geometry adds the benefit of fewer flutes than the Series 20 CCR to avoid clogging during

Coarse Cut Carbon Composite | Series 31-CCR and 31M-CCR

High Performance Router for Heavy CFRP Applications
The addition of the Series 31 geometry adds the benefit of fewer flutes than the Series 20 CCR to avoid clogging during heavy CFRP applications.

Compression | Series 25 and 25M

High Performance Compression Router for Finish Milling CFRP
A major challenge in machining with composite material is preventing separation of material layers during the machining process. By incorporating both a left and right-hand helix, the cutting pressure to the center of the work piece is compressed, eliminating the fraying of the material.

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