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Founded in 1990, Triag AG has been developing and producing workholding systems for machining. As a pioneer of clever clamping solutions and with a one-of-a-kind interface, which serves as basis for various workholding types, Triag AG has earned an outstanding global reputation. It is something to be proud of and Triag AG works hard on maintaining it.

Beginning 1 July 2013, under the name «Triag International AG», the company has focused on the development, production and worldwide distribution of the clamping systems. With a broad range of modular clamping technologies or with workpiece-specific custom solutions, Triag AG is able to help their customers achieve maximum efficiency and utilisation of their facilities.

Triag AG is manufacturing their clamping systems with state-of-the-art production machines and renowned Swiss quality in Hünenberg, Zug. Triag AG attaches great importance to a good working atmosphere and the environment because that is the only way clients can be served openly and sustainably.

Trivia Clamp - vacuum clamping

Vacuum clamping with the trivaCLAMP system is suited for gentle and even clamping of bulky workpieces, plates, U-shaped or angle sections and thin-walled workpieces. Pressure marks and deformations that come with mechanical clamping can also be avoided in this way. When using vacuum clamping, the surrounding atmosphere applies pressure onto the workpiece. Workpieces are affixed to the entire surface, which largely prevents vibration. Simple loading and a free working space are additional advantages.

trivaCLAMP consists of vacuum clamping plates and a vacuum pump and is used for utilisation of entire machine tables, for disc-shaped workpieces as well as for small and moulded parts (adapter plates). Additional steep walls allow lateral workpiece clamping.

powerCLAMP - High flexible modular workholding system

powerCLAMP is a modular clamping system in which a rail serves as basis for more than 180 different clamping modules, centric clamps, blanks modules, vacuum modules and magnet modules. It is a mechanical zero point clamping system as well as a vice.

Thanks to the exact gearing with 2 mm increments, clamping and stop modules can be positioned on the base rail quickly and precisely. In contrast to many other clamping systems on the market, Triag uses a transversally installed spindle instead of mounting screws. This allows modules to be repositioned quickly, without difficulty and without wasting time. Because the spindle is accessible from both sides, clamping systems can be placed in close proximity to each other. The modules are pulled down onto the base rail with a force of 15 kN from both sides. Because of the absence of T-grooves, the clamping modules can be converted very quickly and cleaning is simple.


Triag International AG offers a wide range of self centring vice. In addition to the self centring vice that fit onto the rail systems powerCLAMP and aptoCLAMP or the zero point system OPPsystem, mechanical self centring vice are also available
Centric clamping with powerCLAMP:
In order to meet various requirements and machining tasks, the self centring vises can be rotated 90 degrees. Just like all modules of this series, the self centring vice can easily be positioned along the rail in 2-millimetre increments. The compact and closed construction protects the self centring vice from contamination. Different false jaws and stamping jaws are available for all self centring vice.
Modular self centring vice:
The modular self centric vice adapts perfectly to the requirements of machine and workpiece. False jaws can be used with the “Type B” model as well as with mechanical self centring vice. Stop modules of the powerCLAMP system can be used with “Type M”. This also allows stamping clamping with the universal stamping jaw.
Pneumatic self centring vice:

The pneumatic self centring vice allows for the automated clamping and releasing of workpieces – for example with a robot. The clamping system only needs a brief air pulse of 5 to 6 bar for opening and closing. The air connection can then be removed. A sophisticated mechanism provides steady and reliable clamping with a clamping force of between 1400 and 1600 daN. The maximum distance between clamping jaws is 210 mm and the clamping stroke is 4 mm.

These types of self centring vice are used primarily in machining centres that are loaded and unloaded with linear and buckling-arm robots, and that produce unattended during the night shift. Pneumatic operation significantly reduces the times needed to open and close the self centring vices even when setting up manually. That means that production plants run much more efficiently and are more productive while the cost per unit goes down.

The self centring vice are also suited for use with the oppSYSTEM zero point clamping system. The workpieces remain clamped reliably in the working area of the machining centre and when changing the equipped clamping plates. There is no need for air connections via cables that get in the way. It also allows setting up the workpieces that are to be machined on multiple clamping plates with the zero point clamping system outside of the machining centres. The pneumatic system required for operating the self centring vices only has to be connected for a short time in order to clamp and release the workpieces.

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